I thought I posted this video long ago and have been wondering why no Gaga fans have been glued to their computer watching it (as I still am 8 months later). Nevertheless, part two of her performance at the MET gala is here now… She did a four song set so expect songs three and four soon; along with her very funny shout out to Ms. Anna Wintour… I’m saving the best for last.

… Speaking of the MET gala, I just saw the movie Black Swan and I think it would be a shame if an amazing and powerful organization – like the Costume Institute – doesn’t try to get their hands on the Rodarte costumes from the film. Every piece was so beautiful and intricate, they all deserve spots in the MET’s archive… Harold Koda and Andrew Bolton, if you can hear me, please take note!!

Lady Gaga’s performance last May at the MET Gala is not only still vivd in my mind due to how UNBELIEVABLE it was, but I re-watch it too often to admit… Excuse the shaky footage at the 3:20 mark, I was worried about getting trampled by her dancers – as you can see, it is reasonable to infer they would destroy anything in their path – but, nevertheless, I got out of the way and live to tell/show the tale!!… Enjoy part one!