Rainbow City

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In case you didn’t get to check out the Rainbow City exhibit on the High Line in New York City earlier in the summer, here is some footage I took of the installation in early July. The ‘balloon land’ -which ran though July 5th- was constructed by the artists of Friends With You to celebrate the completion of section 2 of the High Line Park. The Candy Land/Super Mario Brothers-like alternate universe was even complete with a mushroom-shaped adult moon bounce! Check it out below…

In honor of my countdown to the 2011 MET Gala, which is a week from tomorrow, below is the final installment of Lady Gaga’s performance from last year’s party. My mom and I have already started making predictions for who we think Ms. Wintour has deemed worthy enough to serve as entertainment this year; I say Florence + The Machine while my mom is thinking Katy Perry… Who do you think?? We shall find out next Monday!

Here are two of the final videos in the Lady Gaga MET series… Unfortunately there is only one more to follow but I think it is truly the best of her four song set. These are two clips that she did on the piano. The first was her classic speech where she made an inappropriate comment that I’m sure Ms. Wintour wasn’t too happy with. But she redeemed herself by truly preforming above and beyond anyones expectations. The second clip is of her doing a rendition of speechless. Whether you are a Gaga fan or not, you have to admit, she’s talented.

Thought it was time to bring out another portion of my interview with Daphne Guinness. As I hope you’ve been able to see thus far with parts one and two she’s incredibly open and such a nice person. She’s of course known best for her amazing style and creativity but in part three of the series she discusses another passion of hers: music. Who knew she had perfect pitch and was a classically trained singer?? But of course, the conversation soon turned back to fashion towards the end when we discussed the often horrid costumes of the opera. Enjoy!

I’ve been getting so many comments regarding the two videos I previously posted of Iiza preforming at the Chanel after party… So I thought it was time to show you the band that came out later in the night. Forgive me because I can’t remember their name (I had written it down and have no clue where I put it) so please, if anyone knows feel free to tell me! He was really good, a total shift from the performance earlier. You can see Alexa Chung dancing right in front of the stage and dare I say Karl was even boogying down a bit…

A few pics from the night… I was wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress, Lanvin Necklaces, and the gloves are Chanel – they could probably be awarded the title of my #1 favorite most prized possession… I only bring them out on very special occasions.

I thought I posted this video long ago and have been wondering why no Gaga fans have been glued to their computer watching it (as I still am 8 months later). Nevertheless, part two of her performance at the MET gala is here now… She did a four song set so expect songs three and four soon; along with her very funny shout out to Ms. Anna Wintour… I’m saving the best for last.

… Speaking of the MET gala, I just saw the movie Black Swan and I think it would be a shame if an amazing and powerful organization – like the Costume Institute – doesn’t try to get their hands on the Rodarte costumes from the film. Every piece was so beautiful and intricate, they all deserve spots in the MET’s archive… Harold Koda and Andrew Bolton, if you can hear me, please take note!!

First off I must apologize for my abrupt halt in postings… It was never my intention to take such a extensive absence… But, nevertheless, I’m back! Now, to business… As mentioned a few videos back, this past September Chanel Soho reopened their doors after an incredible renovation… Following the party at the store was a dinner complete with INCREDIBLE entertainment! The first performance of the night was by Izia – the 20-year-old french rocker. I don’t want to give too much away before you watch the videos, but to put it lightly, she was amazing!! I have her whole performance on tape but I thought I’d ease you into the madness… Below is her rendition of Tina Turner’s ‘Proud Mary’ as well as her closing song (be sure to watch the end with Karl, it’s too good to be true!)



Lady Gaga’s performance last May at the MET Gala is not only still vivd in my mind due to how UNBELIEVABLE it was, but I re-watch it too often to admit… Excuse the shaky footage at the 3:20 mark, I was worried about getting trampled by her dancers – as you can see, it is reasonable to infer they would destroy anything in their path – but, nevertheless, I got out of the way and live to tell/show the tale!!… Enjoy part one!