The third installment of my sit-down with Andrew Bolton spotlights the portion of the catalogue and exhibit entitled Romantic Nationalism. This theme, again, focuses on McQueen’s love of history, specifically his Scottish heritage and homeland of England. The 18th century-inspired dress Sarah Jessica Parker wore to the MET Gala 5 years ago as McQueen’s date has returned to the museum in this section as well as countless pieces from his Fall/Winter 2008 collection entitled The Girl Who Lived In The Tree. I can’t wait to see the Kate Moss hologram along side the runway version of the dress she wore and the featured collection, Highland Rape.

Below is part two of my sit down with Curator at The Costume Institute, Andrew Bolton. This second theme, entitled Romantic Gothic, in both the catalogue and exhibition focuses on how McQueen was continually inspired by the Romantic Movement of the 19th century as well as Dior’s New Look in the mid 20th century. The raven-esque dress that opens the second chapter of the exhibition was taken from his Fall/Winter 2009 show dubbed The Horn of Plenty which was my first ever Alexander McQueen show. I’ll never forget the monstrous red lips painted on the model’s faces, the Isabella Blow head pieces, or the final two dresses. The second to last was an ‘egg dress’ and the finale piece was the raven. It was as if the former hatched backstage and the raven took its first steps out on the runway… Quite the sight. Enjoy!

Two weeks ago in New York I was lucky enough to sit down with Andrew Bolton, Curator at The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Nancy Chilton, Advisor and Press Officer. Andrew took me through the unbelievable catalogue of the upcoming Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition, opening to the public on May 4th. The book, like the exhibit, is comprised of seven themes that highlight various aspects of McQueen’s revolutionary design and construction. The catalogue opens with a print from McQueen’s Spring 2009 collection, entitled Natural Selection, and an essay by Susannah Frankel, a London based journalist, who, as Andrew states, is dubbed McQueen’s unofficial biographer. All of the photographs inside are done by photographer Solve Suundsbo and almost every piece is accompanied with a McQueen quote, as if he is narrating. Andrew taught me so much about McQueen in the time we were together and shared such interesting details regarding the layout and design of the book.

A big thank you to The Costume Institute for putting out such a beautiful catalogue paying homage to the brilliant Alexander McQueen. Take a look below at Andrew sharing part one of the book, entitled The Romantic Mind, which corresponds to the first theme of the exhibition… I can’t wait to see all of the pieces in person come the MET Gala on May 2nd! More to come…

Here are two of the final videos in the Lady Gaga MET series… Unfortunately there is only one more to follow but I think it is truly the best of her four song set. These are two clips that she did on the piano. The first was her classic speech where she made an inappropriate comment that I’m sure Ms. Wintour wasn’t too happy with. But she redeemed herself by truly preforming above and beyond anyones expectations. The second clip is of her doing a rendition of speechless. Whether you are a Gaga fan or not, you have to admit, she’s talented.

I thought I posted this video long ago and have been wondering why no Gaga fans have been glued to their computer watching it (as I still am 8 months later). Nevertheless, part two of her performance at the MET gala is here now… She did a four song set so expect songs three and four soon; along with her very funny shout out to Ms. Anna Wintour… I’m saving the best for last.

… Speaking of the MET gala, I just saw the movie Black Swan and I think it would be a shame if an amazing and powerful organization – like the Costume Institute – doesn’t try to get their hands on the Rodarte costumes from the film. Every piece was so beautiful and intricate, they all deserve spots in the MET’s archive… Harold Koda and Andrew Bolton, if you can hear me, please take note!!

Lady Gaga’s performance last May at the MET Gala is not only still vivd in my mind due to how UNBELIEVABLE it was, but I re-watch it too often to admit… Excuse the shaky footage at the 3:20 mark, I was worried about getting trampled by her dancers – as you can see, it is reasonable to infer they would destroy anything in their path – but, nevertheless, I got out of the way and live to tell/show the tale!!… Enjoy part one!