Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo is not only the definition of chic but is an incredibly respected business woman. She is the perfect combination of elegance and brains that makes her a leader in the global retail industry. I was lucky enough to sit down with Linda this summer for a quick interview at her office, located atop the 5th Avenue clothing mecca, to discuss -among other things- the countless hats she wears come fashion week. The clip below shows her explaining the importance of fashion week in her line of business and how she uses the shows for inspiration in the store. She is so vital to Bergdorf’s success yet somehow manages to make her job sound so fun and effortless… The fashion world needs more women like my beloved Linda Fargo!

This past March when I was in Paris I had the pleasure of meeting with a woman named Pauline de Truchis. Pauline started her career as a stylist and eventually went to work for the luxury consulting company 10 Vendôme.. Just last year Pauline and her business partner, Isabelle Dubern, founded an amazing personal shopping and styling service called Le Suite, located in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. In the clip below Pauline explains the story behind opening Le Suite and what a typical client experiences when enlisting her help.

Here is a short tour of Le Suite using the amazing catalogue Pauline and Isabelle developed to highlight the space…

Before I post footage of the actual Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition taken at Monday’s MET Gala, I thought I’d finish sharing my interview with Andrew Bolton. The videos below take you through the final two themes of the exhibit. The first, entitled Romantic Naturalism, showcases McQueen’s love for nature and the countless ways he drew inspiration from animals, such as birds, and raw materials, such as flowers. The featured collection in this theme was appropriately McQueen’s final show before his passing. He was a firm believer in the life cycle and his spring/summer 2010 collection, called Plato’s Atlantis, was inspired by Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species and was a glimpse into McQueen’s view on evolution. The show began with amazing, one of a kind animal prints, representing how man began on land, and the final look, known as his jellyfish ensemble, was McQueen’s way of saying that one day we will all end up under the sea.

The final theme in the book is called The Cabinet of Curiosities which pays homage to all of the incredible collaborations McQueen had throughout his career. There are some amazing things by milliner Philip Treacy and a spiral corset by Shaun Leane that is one of my favorite pieces in the exhibit. This section also showcases the famous wooden legs McQueen made for Paralympic Aimee Mullins. The final featured collection is McQueen’s spring 1999 show called Number 13, where for the finale, model Shalom Harlow was on a turn table getting sprayed by lime green and black paint. One of the most legendary McQueen Finales there is. This concludes my interview with Andrew, a big thanks to him again for giving such a great preview to the most beautiful Costume Institute exhibit to date!

The next two themes of the Alexander McQueen:Savage Beauty exhibition are called Romantic Exoticism and Romantic Primitivism. The former is an ode to McQueen’s Chinese cut and construction. It houses the heaviest look in the exhibition, his oyster shell dress, and also includes pieces from one of my favorite shows, his spring/summer 2005 collection entitled It’s Only a Game, where he simulated a game of chess with his 36 models. The featured collection of the Romantic Exoticism section is his spring/summer 2001 show dubbed VOSS.

The fifth theme of the exhibit is called Romantic Primitivism and explores McQueen’s love of Africa and nature. Although his clothes were works of art, his pieces were often handmade and comprised of natural materials. The featured collection in this portion of the exhibit is his spring/summer 2003 show entitled Irere, otherwise known has his Pirate Collection. In Irere he drew inspiration from a shipwreck and the various creatures one would associate with the sea. Enjoy!…

I thought I would take a quick break from my Andrew Bolton interview segments to share with you one of my favorite pieces from Paris. Not only is Eddie Borgo an incredible jewelry designer but he is also a very close friend. This past March he brought his Fall 2011 collection with him to Paris Fashion Week and had a great space to showcase all of his amazing new pieces. Eddie was nice enough to have me over to take a look at his newest collection and even discussed where his inspiration came from for these naturalistic jewels. Take a look below at what he had to say…

Here are some pics of Eddie’s Parisian showroom…

Eddie Borgo Fall 2011

Eddie Borgo Fall 2011

Eddie Borgo Fall 2011

Eddie Borgo Fall 2011

This series was my favorite of the collection… It’s the absolute perfect red, no??

Eddie Borgo Fall 2011

If I had my ears pierced you wouldn’t be able to get these green tassels off of me!…

Eddie Borgo Fall 2011

The third installment of my sit-down with Andrew Bolton spotlights the portion of the catalogue and exhibit entitled Romantic Nationalism. This theme, again, focuses on McQueen’s love of history, specifically his Scottish heritage and homeland of England. The 18th century-inspired dress Sarah Jessica Parker wore to the MET Gala 5 years ago as McQueen’s date has returned to the museum in this section as well as countless pieces from his Fall/Winter 2008 collection entitled The Girl Who Lived In The Tree. I can’t wait to see the Kate Moss hologram along side the runway version of the dress she wore and the featured collection, Highland Rape.

Below is part two of my sit down with Curator at The Costume Institute, Andrew Bolton. This second theme, entitled Romantic Gothic, in both the catalogue and exhibition focuses on how McQueen was continually inspired by the Romantic Movement of the 19th century as well as Dior’s New Look in the mid 20th century. The raven-esque dress that opens the second chapter of the exhibition was taken from his Fall/Winter 2009 show dubbed The Horn of Plenty which was my first ever Alexander McQueen show. I’ll never forget the monstrous red lips painted on the model’s faces, the Isabella Blow head pieces, or the final two dresses. The second to last was an ‘egg dress’ and the finale piece was the raven. It was as if the former hatched backstage and the raven took its first steps out on the runway… Quite the sight. Enjoy!

Two weeks ago in New York I was lucky enough to sit down with Andrew Bolton, Curator at The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Nancy Chilton, Advisor and Press Officer. Andrew took me through the unbelievable catalogue of the upcoming Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition, opening to the public on May 4th. The book, like the exhibit, is comprised of seven themes that highlight various aspects of McQueen’s revolutionary design and construction. The catalogue opens with a print from McQueen’s Spring 2009 collection, entitled Natural Selection, and an essay by Susannah Frankel, a London based journalist, who, as Andrew states, is dubbed McQueen’s unofficial biographer. All of the photographs inside are done by photographer Solve Suundsbo and almost every piece is accompanied with a McQueen quote, as if he is narrating. Andrew taught me so much about McQueen in the time we were together and shared such interesting details regarding the layout and design of the book.

A big thank you to The Costume Institute for putting out such a beautiful catalogue paying homage to the brilliant Alexander McQueen. Take a look below at Andrew sharing part one of the book, entitled The Romantic Mind, which corresponds to the first theme of the exhibition… I can’t wait to see all of the pieces in person come the MET Gala on May 2nd! More to come…

I’m finally home and it feels so good! My sincerest apologies for the absence of posts, I’ve been traveling non stop. At least I have a few days back in Chicago to edit some footage before heading off to Paris for my favorite week of the year!

Since returning from Las Vegas I’ve kept in touch with a bunch of the amazing people I got to during my few days there. One of whom, was Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This. On top of being so nice, she is incredibly creative. If you haven’t seen her blog before you must check it out, you’ll want to start crafting everything you see! Below is a clip of Erica telling the story behind how she started P.S. I Made This and all of the exciting opportunities that have come of it…

On our second day at WWDMAGIC, Erica had a station set up where we fashioned these amazing pearl necklaces. Here are a few pictures from the workshop and Erica modeling the final product.

P.S. I Made This

Erica Domesek Workshop

The Final Product

Hi to all! I’m finally in Las Vegas at WWDMAGIC and have been so busy (but it’s been so much fun)!! Yesterday was my first day at the show where I got to spend time in the Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge with some friends and fellow bloggers. Besides participating in the Teen Vogue ‘Style-off’, another highlight of my day was spending some time in the skybox with the Vice President of WWDMAGIC Mr. Christopher Griffin. It was great talking with someone whose target audience isn’t necessarily the New York Fashion Week crowd, but rather the majority of consumers across America. Below is a quick clip of him talking about the ‘turn-over’ rate in fashion. As much as I love fashion week, I do think it’s a bit silly that as we speak designers are showing collections that won’t be available to the public for practically six months. He had some great points that addressed this perplexing idea and how WWDMAGIC is the answer.

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday of WWDMAGIC and the Teen Vogue lounge. It was madness… But so fun!