Artists Doing Artists

Polaroids by Andy Warhol, clockwise from top left: Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Mapplethorpe, Julian Schnabel, Robert Rauschenberg, Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring

Artists across multiple mediums have explored portraiture at points in their careers. The subjects depicted in such works often say as much as the resulting image. Just as designers find inspiration in their contemporaries, artists oftentimes look towards each other for stimulation.

Andy Warhol’s famous Polaroids have captured fellow creative’s from Roy Lichtenstein to Basquiat while Julian Schnabel has in turn painted Warhol in a dark, slightly abstract portrait. Robert Mapplethorpe was a favorite subject of his contemporaries while he himself found inspiration in fellow artists from Warhol and Keith Haring to Cindy Sherman. Ms.Sherman has recently been a subject for Chuck Close, while in the past Chuck was brought to life on canvas by painter Eric Fischl. David Hockney has been painted by both Elizabeth Peyton and Lucien Freud, while one of my favorite photographers, Thomas Struth, captured Gerhard Richter with his wife and children in a family portrait. Modern pop-artist Darcel Disappoints has made caricatures of everyone from Aurel Schmidt to Jeff Koons while KAWS was a subject of Takashi Murakami’s recent series of portraits. The ever-expanding list begs the question of who will be next…

From left: Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman and Keith Haring all by Robert Mapplethorpe

Andy Warhol by Julian Schnabel

Gerhard Richter and family by Thomas Struth

Cindy Sherman by Chuck Close

Left: David Hockney by Lucian Freud and right: Chuck Close by Eric Fischl

Robert Mapplethorpe and David Hockney by Elizabeth Peyton

Various artists by Darcel Disappoints

JR by Liu Bolin

KAWS by Takashi Murakami

Clockwise from top left: Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, Julian Schnabel, Chuck Close, Takashi Murakami and Pablo Picasso all by Jacques Pelissier

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