Double Take

Left: Gerhard Richter and Right: Ellsworth Kelly

Just as designers find inspiration in the work of their contemporaries (i.e. Seen it Be-Tore) artists oftentimes adopt similar styles to one another; in some cases on purpose, others, but happenchance. There will always be the Elaine Sturtevant’s and Richard Pettibone’s of the world who have made a living off of pure imitation, but in most cases, art is about reinvention; take Aaron Young’s trademark Brice Marden-esque style (pictured below), for example. Young’s energetic lines, however, are the products of motorcycle tires and various other wheeled vehicles while Marden’s were merely a brush and paint on canvas. Now, the real question is how artists in the future will modernize the work of today.

Left: Brice Marden and Right: Aaron Young

Left: Andy Warhol and Right: Richard Pettibone

Top: Sol LeWitt and Bottom: Frank Stella

Left: Vik Muniz and Right: Kyle Bean

Left: David Salle and Right: James Rosenquist

Left: Roy Lichtenstein and Right: Elaine Sturtevant

Left: Louise Bourgeois and Right: Pino Piscali

Left: Thomas Ruff and Right: Matti Braun

Left: Kenneth Noland and Right: Gary Lang

Top: Claes Oldenburg and Bottom: Wayne Thiebaud

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