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Proenza Schouler’s, Desert Tide

Lately I have been digging deep into the world of video art, which prompted me to rediscover Proenza Schouler’s promotional video, Desert Tide, this weekend. Desert Tide (shown below) was released in November 2012 featuring animated versions of looks from their internet-inspired spring/summer 2013 collection. While the SS13 show, in particular, lends itself extremely well to animation, looking back at past collections I wish they had explored video in spring/summer 2010, collaborating with one of my favorites in the field, Takeshi Murata.

Takeshi Murata, Cone Eater

Murata’s work, Cone Eater, from 2004 is a 4-minute abstract digital video (pictured above) featuring a kaleidoscope-esque stream of colors and symmetrical images similar to the patterns used in Proenza’s spring 2010 collection (pictured below).

Proenza Schouler, Spring/Summer 2010

In the hope that they will continue producing promotional videos there is no better artist to collaborate with for their fall 2013 collection (pictured below) filled with winter white than Jordan Wolfson.

Proenza Schouler, Fall/Winter 2013

Wolfson’s 22-minute 2009 animation, Con Leche, features milk-filled diet coke bottles marching around abandoned Detroit sidewalks (pictured below). The hand drawn cartoons juxtaposed against raw footage of Detroit, is the perfect compliment to Proenza’s downtown meets uptown aesthetic. Fingers crossed that a collaboration is in the works!

Jordan Wolfson, Con Leche

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