I Spy Mike Kelley
Memory Ware Flats by Mike Kelley

I was recently introduced to the series, Memory Ware Flats by the late artist Mike Kelley. Kelley’s installations – which were frequently compromised of stuffed animals and other toys – often, feel very whimsical in nature. This particular body of work, which he began in 2000, reminds me so much of one of my favorite books as a child, I Spy. The series is about re-examination and re-use of everyday objects that people otherwise cast aside. Each ‘paining’ is comprised of tiny household trinkets that come together to make a larger overall statement. From a far the canvas may not look like much, but as you get closer more intricacies begin to appear, much like the tiny dots that make up Seurat’s masterpiece, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.

This idea is very similar in nature to the art of couture. If I learned anything from attending last week’s shows it is that pictures do little justice. Just when a dress appears to be a print, up close you find that rather than fabric the entire look is made up of individual sequins. Or, as was the case at Valentino, there could be tiny butterflies stitched beneath layers upon layers of tulle. In both art and fashion work comes along that is so intricate where just when you think you have seen everything in a piece, you find something new and exciting to explore.

I Spy Mike Kelley
Memory Ware Flats by Mike Kelley

I Spy Mike Kelley
Memory Ware Flats by Mike Kelley

I Spy Mike Kelley
Memory Ware Flats by Mike Kelley

Louis' Latest - Street Art Scarves
Louis Vuitton Limited edition scarves by Aiko, RETNA and Os Gêmeos

It is hard not to applaud Louis Vuitton for their continuous support of the art world through their never-ending string of collaborations. Despite their mod spring/summer 2013 runway collection, their latest set of partnerships is anything but that. The Parisian house has tapped into the world of street art releasing a limited addition collection of four scarves designed by three graffiti artists – Os Gêmeos, Aiko and RETNA.

Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, known as Os Gêmeos, are identical twin brother from São Paulo, Brazil. Their work often features a slew of yellow-skinned characters and in keeping with their signature style (pictured below) the two developed a yellow sun and moon mosaic, signifying equilibrium and balance, for their silk square scarf.

Louis' Latest - Os Gêmeos
Work by Os Gêmeos

Aiko, a Japanese-born and Brooklyn-based street artist, is known for fusing the old with the new (pictured below). Her scarf features a mix of traditional Japanese icons juxtaposed with contemporary, pop-art elements – one of which being Louis Vuitton’s renowned cheetah print.

Louis' Latest - Aiko
Work by Aiko

RETNA, who has been on the street art scene since the mid-1990s and is based out of California, takes influence from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics as well as Arabic, Hebrew and Asian calligraphy (pictured below). His cashmere and silk stole, available in two color ways, features his interpretation of the Louis Vuitton motif in his signature style.

Louis' Latest - RETNA
Work by RETNA

It is not the first time RETNA has worked with the fashion house. In October 2012 the artist made his way to Miami to transform the façade of Louis Vuitton’s temporary space in the design district (pictured below).

Louis'; Latest - Louis Vuitton Miami Design District Store by RETNA
Louis Vuitton’s Miami Design District store by RETNA

Louis Vuitton isn’t the only commonality these three artists share. Os Gêmeos, RETNA and Aiko have all had the honor of exhibiting their work on the Bowery Mural Wall located at the corner of Bowery and Houston in New York City – Os Gêmeos in 2009, RETNA in spring 2012 and Aiko just after in July. Currently, the wall is displaying the work of street artists and twin brothers How & Nosm; maybe there will even be a LV scarf of theirs to come!

Louis'; Latest - Os Gêmeos' Bowery Mural Wall
Bowery Wall Mural by Os Gêmeos

Louis'; Latest - Os Gêmeos' Bowery Mural Wall
Bowery Wall Mural by RETNA

Louis'; Latest - Os Gêmeos' Bowery Mural Wall
Bowery Wall Mural by Aiko

All four scarves are available through February at select LV stores and online.

In The Clear - Paula Hayes Terrarium
Paula Hayes’ Terrariums

Since returning home to grey weather from sunny Miami I have been longing for greenery and warmth. Looking at artist Paula Hayes’ unbelievable terrariums (pictured above and below) has given me the nature fix I have needed the past few days while adjusting to leaf-less trees and barely-there grass. I have never been a fan of foliage at home but Hayes’ delicately designed terrariums have made me a believer that some plants can prosper indoors.

In The Clear - Paula Hayes Terrarium
Paula Hayes’ Terrariums

On a fashion note, Raf Simons took a cue from Hayes’ botanical art at his ultimate runway show for Jil Sander. Simons adorned his Fall/Winter 2012 runway with forward-thinking floral arrangements contained in glass boxes as opposed to vases (pictured below).

In The Clear - Jil Sander FW 2012
Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2012

All this talk of glass got me thinking of the abundance of clear materials designers have used for spring. While no one took the Strefano Pilati route sending models down the runway as avant-garde nuns in clear capelets (pictured below), a majority did explore plastic as a material in accessory design.

In The Clear - YSL FW 2010
Yves Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2010

Ricardo Tisci’s runway shoes at Givenchy – now available for pre-order on Luisaviaroma – are part plastic as is Raf Simons’ costume jewelry for Christian Dior and a majority of Charlotte Olympia’s spring clutches (all pictured below).

In The Clear - Givenchy SS 2013
Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013

In The Clear - Christian Dior SS 2013
Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2013

In The Clear - Charlotte Olympia SS 2013
Charlotte Olympia Spring/Summer 2013

Some styles of Nina Ricci’s plastic shoes for spring bear a striking similarity to the sandals I am most excited to wear once the weather becomes warm by Céline (both pictured below).

In The Clear - Nina Ricci SS 2013
Nina Ricci Spring/Summer 2013

In The Clear - Celine RST 2013
Céline Resort 2013

While the house of Chanel has dabbled in plastic accessories in the past – first in Spring/Summer 2007 and then with Karl’s version of a ‘carryall’ for Fall/Winter 2009 – my favorite transparent endeavors are in the form of a plastic-covered tweed hat and clear LEGO clutch both of which will be in stores this spring (all pictured below).

In The Clear - Chanel SS 2007
Chanel Spring/Summer 2007

In The Clear - Chanel FW 2009
Chanel Fall/Winter 2009

In The Clear - Chanel SS 2013
Chanel Spring/Summer 2013

Lastly, it seems as though Prada’s influence – Prada’s Presence – spans further than the world of ready-to-wear and into accessories. An ode to Miuccia’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection can been seen in the shoes at Michael Kors and the bags at Burberry.

In The Clear - Prada SS 2010
Prada Spring/Summer 2010

In The Clear - Michael Kors SS 2013
Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2013

In The Clear - Prada SS 2010
Prada Spring/Summer 2010

In The Clear - Burberry SS 2013
Burberry Spring/Summer 2013

Art on the Runway - SS 2013 Miu Miu and Adolph Gottlieb
SS 2013 Miu Miu – art by Adolph Gottlieb

Happy 2013 everyone! In honor of the new year I have spent today browsing the past twelve months of fashion shows.

I am gearing up to travel to Paris later this month for my first couture fashion week! I can’t wait to see what the couturiers have in store for 2013 – minus my beloved Givenchy, the only house not showing this season. Until then, here are some of my favorite art-inspired looks to walk the FW 2012 and SS 2013 runways.

Art on the Runway - FW 2012 Comme des Garçons and Andy Warhol
FW 2012 Comme des Garçons – art by Andy Warhol

Art on the Runway - FW 2012 Emilio Pucci and Lucio Fontana
FW 2012 Emilio Pucci – art by Lucio Fontana

Art on the Runway - FW 2012 Fendi and Alberto Burri
FW 2012 Fendi – art by Alberto Burri

Art on the Runway - FW 2012 Givenchy and Richard Artschwager
FW 2012 Givenchy – art by Richard Artschwager (previously seen here)

Art on the Runway - FW 2012 Lanvin and Salvador Dali
FW 2012 Lanvin – art by Salvador Dali (previously seen here)

Art on the Runway - SS 2013 Marc Jacobs and Wade Guyton
SS 2013 Marc Jacobs – art by Wade Guyton

Art on the Runway - SS 2013 Prada and Jacob Hashimoto
SS 2013 Prada – art by Jacob Hashimoto (previously seen here)

Art on the Runway - SS 2013 Céline and Meret Oppenheim
SS 2013 Céline – art by Meret Oppenheim (previously seen here)

Art on the Runway - SS 2013 Proenza Schouler and Jean Paul Riopelle
SS 2013 Proenza Schouler – art by Jean Paul Riopelle

Art on the Runway - SS 2013 Louis Vuitton and Carl Andre
SS 2013 Louis Vuitton – art by Carl Andre