Hanging by a Thread

Hanging by a Thread - Superliner
Superliner, Jacob Hashimoto

There is not better way to start a week off than with new art. Artist Jacob Hashimoto works in primarily large-scale installations that explore the intersection of painting and sculpture. His Japanese heritage is apparent in his use of screen painted bamboo and paper kite-like disks. He then compiles these disks onto wires, hanging them in multiple layers on evenly spaced rods. The solid and patterned disks of varying sizes form as a result, one very dense, three-dimensional image. It intrigues me to think about how many new figures would emerge through taking the work apart layer by layer – a bit like for Fall/Winter 2010 when Viktor & Rolf undressed Kristen McMenamy on the runway unveiling an entire collection worn underneath her first look.

The initial Hashimoto piece that captured me was Superliner (pictured above). Through the cluster of patterns and the layering I immediately saw continents on a globe, which reminded me so much Alighiero Boetti embroidered map series (pictured below). It was even more amazing after researching both artists how many similarities I found between their works; sometimes alike shapes, color, or even subject matter

Hanging by a Thread - Boetti
Top: Mappa del Mondo 1988, Boetti; Bottom: Mappa 1989, Boetti

Hanging by a Thread - Boetti and Hashimoto
Left: Legnetti Colorati, 1968, Boetti; Right: Plunk, Hashimoto

Hanging by a Thread - Boetti and Hashimoto
Top: Aerei, 1984, Boetti; Bottom: Infinite Expanse of Sky, Hashimoto

Hanging by a Thread - Boetti and Hashimoto
Left: Faccine Colorate, 1979, Boetti; Right: Hodge Podge, Hashimoto

These next four works (pictured below) are some of my favorites, both because I love the shade of red used and they remind me so much of Spring/Summer 2013 Prada.

Hanging by a Thread - Hashimoto
Velocity of Desire, Jacob Hashimoto

Hanging by a Thread - Hashimoto
From Left: Redshroom and Circumstances and Coincidences, both Jacob Hashimoto

Hanging by a Thread - Prada SS13
Prada Spring/Summer 2013 – From Left: Look 32, Look 30, Look 28, Look 34, and Look 25

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