Attack of the Hair

Nick Cave Soundsuit
Soundsuit by Nick Cave

When I think hair I think of performance artist Nick Cave and his amazing Soundsuits. Even before Cave’s Where The Wild Things Are feature in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar his influence in the fashion world has been evident for seasons now. His furry creations preceded everything from Martin Margiela’s famous SS09 Wig Coat to Alexander Wang’s gothic Installation 10 currently on display in his Mercer Street flagship store.

Nick Cave Soundsuits
Soundsuits by Nick Cave

While Cave’s designs can do no wrong it is time for the fashion world to bid adieu to stick-straight hair ensembles and embrace curls, just as I have for fall. Paul Mitchell’s The Truth About Curls campaign is to thank for my swift transition from relaxed beach hair to a tamed Diana Ross-esque mane. It is important to love your hair and take care of it. That is why Paul Mitchell launched The Truth About Curls campaign and corresponding curl-specific treatments. Of the four amazing new products, my go-to for fashion week will be Paul Mitchell’s Frizz-Free Curl Therapy. My hair already has a healthy wave so any conditioner that hydrates and tames frizz without weighing hair down is a perfect match for me. To learn more about The Truth About Curls campaign and to submit your own Curl Confessions be sure to visit the website and Facebook page… Maybe Nick Cave will even embrace the movement towards curls and construct a curly Soundsuit in honor of the campaign!

Frizz-Free Curl Therapy
Paul Mitchell’s Frizz-Free Curl Therapy

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