September’s Issue

Vogue September 2012
Vogue – Editorial Pages:258 – Ad Pages:658 (72%)

Happy September to all! It feels good to be home after an incredibly extensive two-week hiatus/vacation. As is the case every August, I made an end-of-the-summer journey to Europe with my family and roughly 25 pounds of magazines. In years past I’ve traveled both ways with the added weight but this trip, on account of a majority of the publications reaching record numbers, I decided to forego bringing them home and instead have a little fun of my own. Though there were plenty of editorials to look at and stories to read, the amount of ad pages was overwhelming. To get a visual understanding of the ratio of ads to editorials, I enlisted the help of my friend Maggie and after five hours of cutting, tearing, sorting, stacking and counting our work was done. The photographs show editorial pages on the left and advertisements on the right for six leading publications. While there was a point when I thought I was over September, my excitement soon returned after realizing I would have W and V waiting for me at home and a few European magazines still left to purchase.

Harper's Bazaar September 2012
Harper’s Bazaar – Editorial Pages:190 – Ad Pages:360 (65%)

Vanity Fair September 2012
Vanity Fair – Editorial Pages:128 – Ad Pages:230 (64%)

Teen Vogue September 2012
Teen Vogue – Editorial Pages:97 – Ad Pages:143 (60%)

Marie claire September 2012
Marie Claire – Editorial Pages:145 – Ad Pages:237 (62%)

Elle September 2012
Elle – Editorial Pages:207 – Ad Pages:400 (66%)

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