Curl Control - Haya and Sama Abu Khadra
Haya and Sama Abu Khadra

You can’t talk curls during fashion week and not mention street style-fixtures Haya and Sama Abu Khadra. The duo’s signature manes have been sitting front row for season now while on buying trips for their Saudi Arabia-based lifestyle boutique. No two identical twins have garnered this much buzz since Diane Arbus’ portrait Identical Twins, taken in 1967 (pictured below).

Curl Control - Identical Twins, Diane Arbus
Identical Twins, Roselie, NJ 1967 © The Estate of Diane Arbus

I previously featured the work of French duo Les Lalanne HERE last week, but the pair’s sheep series is their most celebrated body of work. The furry sculptures were made famous in part by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge and have been coveted by Lalanne-lovers ever since. Regardless of their beauty, sometimes even Lalanne sheep can have a bad fur day, but now there is a shampoo that can fix that…

Curl Control - Lalanne Sheep
Sheep by Les Lalanne

If you have curls like the Abu Khadra sisters or feel like you are wearing a Lalanne sheep atop your head Paul Mitchell has the answer. As part of Mitchell’s The Truth About Curls campaign one of the four new products launched is a Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo. This rich lather is perfect for gently cleansing curls and preparing them for a frizz-free finish and shine. To try all of the new products for yourself ‘like’ The Truth About CurlsFacebook page and use the “Find a Salon” locator tool to track down a salon near you. Happy shampooing!

Curl Control - Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo
Paul Mitchell’s Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo

The Art of... Paper - Gucci Cut and Craft
Gucci Cut & Craft Project – The Jackie, The New Bamboo and The Stirrup

This past summer Gucci decided to ‘go-green’ in the windows of their New York City Flagship store on 5th avenue. On display were three of their most iconic handbags – The Jackie, The New Bamboo and The Stirrup – in massive form made entirely out of recycled paper (pictured below). This window display garnered so much attention that Gucci launched a Cut & Craft contest on their Facebook Page. I was so intrigued by this project that I had to have a go at it. Gucci provides the stencils for these three iconic styles leaving it up to the individuals to color and construct. I, however, couldn’t find my crayons so I decided to dedicate each bag to a different artist and use their work as the foundation for each mini purse (pictured above). The Jackie (far left) is constructed using Andy Warhol’s camouflage prints, The New Bamboo (middle), is made of patterns by Ellsworth Kelly and The Stirrup (far right) is the work of Chicago-based artist, Dzine. Click HERE to fashion your own minis and a chance to win a spot on the cover of the Gucci Facebook page.

The Art of... Paper - Gucci Flagship
Gucci Flagship Store, New York City

Gucci isn’t the only fashion house exploring the art of paper, however. One of John Galliano’s most celebrated collections while at the House of Dior was for spring/summer 2007 couture, in which he was inspired by origami, the art of paper folding. Just a few seasons later, Karl Lagerfeld constructed an oasis of paper flowers as the backdrop for his spring/summer 2009 Chanel couture show. Each look in the entirely black and white collection was paired with a paper headpiece, ranging from delicate tiaras to a helmet of paper flower petals (pictured below).

The Art of... Paper - SS09 Chanel Couture
Spring/summer 2009 Chanel Couture

Marc Jacobs is known for providing an ever-present bridge between art and fashion. In this instance, that bridge happens to be made of paper and was part of the fantastical set artist Rachel Feinstein dreamed up for Jacobs’ fall/winter 2012 show. Feinstein collaborated with the designer on the dreary, Tim Burton-esque set (pictured below) made entirely out of construction paper as the backdrop for his fall, Anna Piaggi-inspired collection.

The Art of... Paper - Marc Jacobs FW12
Fall/winter 2012 Marc Jacobs

Photographer and sculptor Thomas Demand is a pioneer in exposing the art of paper. Demand’s photographs (pictured below) are merely the byproducts of weeks spent constructing full-scale sets out of paper and cardboard. His work is extraordinary; especially considering the life-size environments he erects are immediately destroyed after a photo is captured. In the right hands, paper has the power to transform. Now that I’ve completed the Gucci bags it’s time to start work on my dream setting…

The Art of... Paper - Thomas Demand, Studio, 1997
Studio, 1997 © Thomas Demand

The Art of... Paper - Thomas Demand, Control Room, 2011
Control Room, 2011 © Thomas Demand

The Art of... Paper - Thomas Demand, Junior Suite, 2012
Junior Suite, 2012 © Thomas Demand

When Sharks Attack - Then and Now
Then (2002) and Now (Photo by Nicolas Guevara)

Before Riccardo Tisci launched the massively successful Great White-T at Givenchy I was rocking sea creature-inspired t-shirts from my local aquarium. Yes, that blonde bombshell in the upper left hand photo is Minnie Muse circa 2002, just moments after putting the final staple into my very own homemade hammerhead. Just recently did I trade in the massive six-foot long paper shark sculpture for a more manageable pair of Givenchy’s Shark Lock Fold Over Wedge Boots. I am proud to say my love of sharks dates back to the late 90s, even before Tisci made Great Whites the ‘it’ animal for fall.

The fact of the matter is that as of late it seems both the art and fashion worlds alike have been bitten by a Great White. While Damien Hirst’s 1991 work The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living (pictured below) featuring a 14-foot Tiger Shark preserved in formaldehyde may be historically the most celebrated example of ‘shark art’ countless other artists have explored the underwater creatures since.

When Sharks Attack - Damien Hirst
The Physical Impossibility of Death
in the Mind of Someone Living
by Damien Hirst

When Sharks Attack - Lalanne
Bronze Shark Sculpture by Lalanne

In 2003, towards the end of François-Xavier Lalanne’s life, the famous French duo, Les Lalanne, unveiled a collection of painted bronze sharks ranging in size from petite to life size (pictured above). The world of street art is not missing out either thanks to the work of cantstopgoodboy. The California-based artist has adapted his acrylic and mixed media techniques in a series of shark-driven works (pictured below). Lastly, New York-based artist Cordy Ryman’s work Shark Fin Soup (pictured two below) is amongst the lot of works being auctioned off at Dallas’ 2×2 for Aids and Art benefit in October.

Shark Attack !@#$ (1) and Shark Attack !@#$ (2) by cantstopgoodboy

When Sharks Attack - Cordy Ryman, Shark Fin Soup
Shark Fin Soup by Cordy Ryman

Although Givenchy spearheaded the shark-trend in fashion, countless other ready-to-wear and accessory designers have turned to these same sea dwellers for inspiration. Check out my shark-inspired must haves below…

When Sharks Attack - Clothing

1. Petite Fin Stud Earrings by Dezso by Sarah Beltran
2. Single Shark’s Tooth Necklace and Multi-Shark’s Tooth Necklace both by Aurélie Bidermann
3. Bear Trap Bangle by Eddie Borgo
4. Shark’s Teeth Skull Ring by Alexander McQueen
5. Shark-print Sweatshirt by Givenchy
6. Gold Nophobia Double Bite Shark Tooth Cuff by Tom Binns
7. Gold Shark’s Tooth Pendant Necklace and Black Ponyhair Mini Shark’s Tooth Pendant Necklace both by Givenchy
8. Shark Teeth Skull-Clasp Clutch by Alexander McQueen
9. Gold Baby Shark Tooth Necklace by Dezso by Sarah Beltran
10. Shark Tooth Tanzanite Earrings by Dezso by Sarah Beltran
11. Large Shark Tooth Closure Shoulder Bag by Givenchy
12. Brown Shark Lock Leather Bracelet and Orange Shark Lock Leather Bracelet both by Givenchy
13. Bronze Shark Teeth Print Shirt by Paul Smith

Red, Black and Silver
Red, Black & Silver

Just when Jackson Pollock’s ‘said to be’ final work, Red, Black & Silver, was supposed to go up on the auction block yesterday, September 20th, through Phillips de Pury & Company, it was pulled from the catalogue pending further authenticity research. The tale of this mysterious painting was covered extensively in the September 2012 issue of Vanity Fair. In short, the story goes that Pollock created the small, unsigned work for his mistress, Ruth Kligman, just weeks before he was killed in a 1956 car crash. Thus, Red, Black & Silver has never been authenticated as a true work of Jackson Pollock by neither his widow, Lee Krasner, nor the official Pollock-Krasner Authentication Board.

Unfortunately the painting will not be up for auction until at least early 2013 but it just so happens amidst this art world shake up that red, black and silver have been key colors among the SS13 collections – see below for a few standout looks thus far. I can’t decide which I am more anxious for, seeing how much Red, Black & Silver sells for, or learning the price of one of Proenza’s red and black runway looks that I am coveting for spring.

Red, Black and Silver
… The Reds (from left): Peter Pilotto, Prabal Gurung, Jonathan Saunders, Proenza Schouler and Dean Quinn

Red, Black and Silver
… The Blacks (from left): Prada, Rodarte, Helmut Lang, Derek Lam and No.21

Red, Black and Silver
… The Silvers (from left): Eudon Choi, Eudon Choi, Alexander Wang, Vivienne Tam and Proenza Schouler

Will Cotton x Nancy Gonzalez - SS13 Chris Benz
Will Cotton x Nancy GonzalezSS13 Chris Benz

Each year Two x Two, a noted Dallas, Texas-based organization holds their annual TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art benefit gala and art auction. This year, thanks to a partnership with accessories designer Nancy Gonzalez, fashion is playing more significant a role than ever. Together, the two have commissioned ten of today’s leading contemporary artists to custom design a one-of-a-kind signature Nancy Gonzalez Leaf Tote bag to be sold at auction on October 20th. Matte white crocodile was used as the skin for each tote and in turn the artist’s canvas. Whether it is Kaws’ simple black slashes or Jenny Holzer’s embossed white leather lining, each work is entirely in keeping with the individual artist’s style while still maintaining the integrity of the esteemed Nancy Gonzalez brand.

This partnership gives collectors and fashion lovers alike the perfect excuse to purchase a new piece of contemporary art as well as a Nancy Gonzalez crocodile tote; not to mention it is for an amazing cause. 100% of the proceeds from the evening will be benefiting TWO x TWO for amfAR and the Dallas Museum of Art.

While I hope the future owners of each priceless piece will never burden them with the contents of one’s handbag, I couldn’t help but peruse the latest SS13 collections to find the perfect accompanying looks for each piece (see above and below). Be prepared to to spot Shala Monroque or Dasha Zhukova sporting one of these bad boys around Art Basel in December.

Jim Hodges x Nancy Gonzalez - SS13 Preen
Jim Hodges x Nancy GonzalezSS13 Preen

Jenny Holzer x Nancy Gonzalez - SS13 Eudon Choi
Jenny Holzer x Nancy GonzalezSS13 Eudon Choi

Kaws x Nancy Gonzalez - SS13 Calvin Klein
Kaws x Nancy GonzalezSS13 Calvin Klein

Dr.Lakra x Nancy Gonzalez – SS13 Holly Fulton
Dr.Lakra x Nancy GonzalezSS13 Holly Fulton

Josephine Meckseper x Nancy Gonzalez - SS13 BCBG Max Azria
Josephine Meckseper x Nancy GonzalezSS13 BCBG Max Azria

Richard Phillips x Nancy Gonzalez - SS13 Marc Jacobs
Richard Phillips x Nancy GonzalezSS13 Marc Jacobs

Raquib Shaw x Nancy Gonzalez - SS13 Altuzarra
Raquib Shaw x Nancy GonzalezSS13 Altuzarra

Mickalene Thomas x Nancy Gonzalez - SS13 Derek Lam
Mickalene Thomas x Nancy GonzalezSS13 Derek Lam

Lawrence Weiner x Nancy Gonzalez – SS13 Alexandre Herchovitc
Lawrence Weiner x Nancy GonzalezSS13 Alexandre Herchovitc

Balloon Blocking
Photo by Nicolas Guevara

I’ve always admired true color blockers in their fearless cobalt blue pants, red jackets, yellow shirts and green shoes. I, myself, have never been successful in my attempts but these J.W.Anderson sweaters – previously featured HERE – are the perfect introduction into a life of color blocking. I decided to give the fall trend a go on a breezy day in NYC.

The balloons in the photo above came about thanks to one of my favorite works by British filmmaker, Runa Islam. Islam was nominated for the 2008 Turner Prize for her style of short films that are often displayed in overlapping layers and on multiple screens. My favorite of her works is a two screen projection titled What Is A Thought Experiment, Anyhow? (stills displayed below). In it, Islam uses the sporadic nature of balloons as a means of exhibiting time and space. In the latter portion of the film, their simplicity and colors contrast all of her attention to formal detail in the museum backdrop. Either that, or… Islam captured a surprise birthday party the surrounding sculptures threw for their buddy the Winged Victory.

Runa Islam. What Is A Thought Experiment, Anyhow? 2005-2006.
Runa Islam. What Is A Thought Experiment, Anyhow? 2005-2006.

Runa Islam. What Is A Thought Experiment, Anyhow? 2005-2006.
Runa Islam. What Is A Thought Experiment, Anyhow? 2005-2006.

Runa Islam. What Is A Thought Experiment, Anyhow? 2005-2006.
Runa Islam. What Is A Thought Experiment, Anyhow? 2005-2006.

La Colombe d’Or - Calder
Mobile by Alexander Calder

One of my favorite escapes since I was a child has been La Colombe d’Or in Saint-Paul de Vence, France. For years now La Colombe d’Or has been my version of what I imagine most kids envision when they think of a mystical fairytale in a far off land. The town of Saint-Paul de Vence, which was once a struggling artist’s community, has transformed into an epicenter for original works by the likes of Picasso, Léger, Caraccio, Chagall and countless others. In short, when some of the most renowned early to mid-twentieth century artists were nameless, they would seek refuge at La Colombe d’Or and donate a – then valueless – work in exchange for food and a place to sleep at night. By way of this trade La Colombe d’Or has amassed a priceless archive of painting and sculpture. Since I was a child I have dreamt of opening the pages of a fashion magazine and seeing a spread juxtaposed against their amazing collection, specifically sculpture. While rumor has it due to theft a few years back, all of the pieces on display are replicas of the real works given to La Colombe d’Or by the original artists, it is still thrilling to feast each summer with our dear friends in the garden amidst a colossal could-be-original work by Léger or a César sculpture.

La Colombe d’Or - Yves Klein and Calder
Work by Yves Klein (left) and work by Alexander Calder (right)

La Colombe d’Or - Léger and Picasso
Grand Vase by Fernand Léger (left) and work by Pablo Picasso (right)

La Colombe d’Or - Calder
A gouache by Alexander Calder

La Colombe d’Or - Sonia Delaunay and Matisse
Work by Sonia Delaunay (left) and Portrait of a Woman by Henri Matisse (right)

La Colombe d’Or - Léger
Work by Fernand Léger

While, as you know, I rarely feature photos of myself on Minnie Muse, I would love to become less camera shy and in doing so I took the opportunity while staying at Hotel du Cap to emulate the amazing Chanel Resort 2012 campaign – specifically Karl’s shot of Joan Smalls on the jungle gym, pictured below. While I fail miserably to appear remotely as graceful as Ms.Smalls, I do feel a bit more comfortable looking back knowing I was wearing one of my favorite suits EVER by Lisa Marie Fernandez. Although swimsuit season has come and gone, I highly recommend you invest in a LMF suit for any future winter getaway. My next purchase will be a simple one-piece like THIS or one of her amazing suits in collaboration (because we all know I love a collaboration) with Peter Pilotto which are both available on Net-a-Porter.

Chanel Resort 2012

Chanel Resort 2012

Chanel Resort 2012

Chanel Resort 2012

Nick Cave Soundsuit
Soundsuit by Nick Cave

When I think hair I think of performance artist Nick Cave and his amazing Soundsuits. Even before Cave’s Where The Wild Things Are feature in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar his influence in the fashion world has been evident for seasons now. His furry creations preceded everything from Martin Margiela’s famous SS09 Wig Coat to Alexander Wang’s gothic Installation 10 currently on display in his Mercer Street flagship store.

Nick Cave Soundsuits
Soundsuits by Nick Cave

While Cave’s designs can do no wrong it is time for the fashion world to bid adieu to stick-straight hair ensembles and embrace curls, just as I have for fall. Paul Mitchell’s The Truth About Curls campaign is to thank for my swift transition from relaxed beach hair to a tamed Diana Ross-esque mane. It is important to love your hair and take care of it. That is why Paul Mitchell launched The Truth About Curls campaign and corresponding curl-specific treatments. Of the four amazing new products, my go-to for fashion week will be Paul Mitchell’s Frizz-Free Curl Therapy. My hair already has a healthy wave so any conditioner that hydrates and tames frizz without weighing hair down is a perfect match for me. To learn more about The Truth About Curls campaign and to submit your own Curl Confessions be sure to visit the website and Facebook page… Maybe Nick Cave will even embrace the movement towards curls and construct a curly Soundsuit in honor of the campaign!

Frizz-Free Curl Therapy
Paul Mitchell’s Frizz-Free Curl Therapy

Vogue September 2012
Vogue – Editorial Pages:258 – Ad Pages:658 (72%)

Happy September to all! It feels good to be home after an incredibly extensive two-week hiatus/vacation. As is the case every August, I made an end-of-the-summer journey to Europe with my family and roughly 25 pounds of magazines. In years past I’ve traveled both ways with the added weight but this trip, on account of a majority of the publications reaching record numbers, I decided to forego bringing them home and instead have a little fun of my own. Though there were plenty of editorials to look at and stories to read, the amount of ad pages was overwhelming. To get a visual understanding of the ratio of ads to editorials, I enlisted the help of my friend Maggie and after five hours of cutting, tearing, sorting, stacking and counting our work was done. The photographs show editorial pages on the left and advertisements on the right for six leading publications. While there was a point when I thought I was over September, my excitement soon returned after realizing I would have W and V waiting for me at home and a few European magazines still left to purchase.

Harper's Bazaar September 2012
Harper’s Bazaar – Editorial Pages:190 – Ad Pages:360 (65%)

Vanity Fair September 2012
Vanity Fair – Editorial Pages:128 – Ad Pages:230 (64%)

Teen Vogue September 2012
Teen Vogue – Editorial Pages:97 – Ad Pages:143 (60%)

Marie claire September 2012
Marie Claire – Editorial Pages:145 – Ad Pages:237 (62%)

Elle September 2012
Elle – Editorial Pages:207 – Ad Pages:400 (66%)