Cindy for Céline

Cindy For Celine
Photo by Nicolas Guevara

I was browsing through the Cindy Sherman MoMA exhibition catalogue the other day and came across a few of my favorite images from the exhibit. The two photographs below are some of Cindy’s earliest prints on display and some of her best. Both images – Untitled #488 and Untitled #489 – (or as I like to call them: Cindy Cornucopias) are works from 1976. There was a really great piece written in reference to her career before photoshop and the techniques she had to utilize to produce images with with more than one of her. My boyfriend and I were bored one day and decided to use her 1976 works as inspiration for a shoot. Taking into account Cindy’s many fashion-related projects – an image from her Spring 2005 Marc Jacobs campaign is currently my phone background – we, or rather I, wondered what Cindy might do if she collaborated with a house like Céline, for example. The product of our/my inquiry is pictured above. I am wearing all SS12 Céline with the exception of my favorite leather pants from The Row.

And don’t forget, if you have yet to visit the MoMA the exhibition runs through June 11th so head on over.

Cindy For Celine
Untitled #488.1976

Cindy For Celine
Untitled #489.1976

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