Alexander McQueen: Romantic Exoticism and Romantic Primitivism

The next two themes of the Alexander McQueen:Savage Beauty exhibition are called Romantic Exoticism and Romantic Primitivism. The former is an ode to McQueen’s Chinese cut and construction. It houses the heaviest look in the exhibition, his oyster shell dress, and also includes pieces from one of my favorite shows, his spring/summer 2005 collection entitled It’s Only a Game, where he simulated a game of chess with his 36 models. The featured collection of the Romantic Exoticism section is his spring/summer 2001 show dubbed VOSS.

The fifth theme of the exhibit is called Romantic Primitivism and explores McQueen’s love of Africa and nature. Although his clothes were works of art, his pieces were often handmade and comprised of natural materials. The featured collection in this portion of the exhibit is his spring/summer 2003 show entitled Irere, otherwise known has his Pirate Collection. In Irere he drew inspiration from a shipwreck and the various creatures one would associate with the sea. Enjoy!…

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