Lady Gaga at MET: Bad Romance

In honor of my countdown to the 2011 MET Gala, which is a week from tomorrow, below is the final installment of Lady Gaga’s performance from last year’s party. My mom and I have already started making predictions for who we think Ms. Wintour has deemed worthy enough to serve as entertainment this year; I say Florence + The Machine while my mom is thinking Katy Perry… Who do you think?? We shall find out next Monday!

2 Responses to “Lady Gaga at MET: Bad Romance”
  1. Spencer says:

    I’ve been hearing Rumors that Florence and the Machine and Janelle Monae mite be performing next week,
    but you never know with Anna.

  2. lol, I adore Lady gaga! She’s so rad! I believe she is a good example for everyone everywhere.

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