Small H

At the Gaultier show in Paris my mom and I had the pleasure of sitting next to a woman named Chantal Rousseau, who I soon learned is the Operating Vice President of Bloomingdales Europe. She shared so many interesting stories in the hour we were waiting together for the show to start. As is usual when taking fashion with my mom, the conversation soon turned to discussing Gaultier’s former employer, Hermés. Very few other brands have such incredible standards for their clothing and accessories. It never occurred to me how many bags, shoes, scarves, jewelry… never make it to retail on account of the pieces not reaching the appropriate level of excellence one would expect from the House. Chantal shared with us that Hermés recently unveiled a capsule collection at their store in Paris entitled ‘ h ‘ (Small H). This line is dedicated to reusing materials from items that never made it to stores to produce something new using fabric that would have otherwise been disposed of. While no ‘ h ‘ items remain in the boutique at this time, Chantal happened to have three necklaces in her purse that she had brought to show her colleagues. As seen below, they were fashioned from old scarves. While the line is a lesser price point, it is clear that Hermés didn’t neglect their renowned quality, shown by the craftsmanship and a small circular piece of imprinted caramel leather serving as the tag on each item.

Necklace 1

Necklace 2

Necklace 3

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