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Hi to all! I’m finally in Las Vegas at WWDMAGIC and have been so busy (but it’s been so much fun)!! Yesterday was my first day at the show where I got to spend time in the Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge with some friends and fellow bloggers. Besides participating in the Teen Vogue ‘Style-off’, another highlight of my day was spending some time in the skybox with the Vice President of WWDMAGIC Mr. Christopher Griffin. It was great talking with someone whose target audience isn’t necessarily the New York Fashion Week crowd, but rather the majority of consumers across America. Below is a quick clip of him talking about the ‘turn-over’ rate in fashion. As much as I love fashion week, I do think it’s a bit silly that as we speak designers are showing collections that won’t be available to the public for practically six months. He had some great points that addressed this perplexing idea and how WWDMAGIC is the answer.

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday of WWDMAGIC and the Teen Vogue lounge. It was madness… But so fun!

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  1. kathlira says:

    I really like your vision about fashion!I completely agree that it’s a bit silly having to wait six months! argh!!

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  3. Allen Stanfa says:

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