After spending the weekend looking at colleges in New York I can’t help but share a clip of Daphne discussing her upcoming retrospective at the the Museum at FIT!… Although it is still a ways away – the exhibit is set to open in September of 2011 – if you’re anything like me you’ll need these next 10 months to mentally prepare yourselves for the overwhelming amount of couture!! Watch below to see Daphne explain her reaction when Valerie Steele (the director of the museum) first approached her with the idea of doing a show and their process of putting together each look… Enjoy ;)

In honor of the OUTSTANDING job Sarah Burton did on her first runway show for Alexander McQueen I’ve chosen to share my footage of Lee’s final collection; shown March 2010 in Paris. The small presentations his team put on made it all the more intimate and a bit chilling. There was a small waiting room (pictured below) where guests were placed before the show. We were then escorted into a room where five of the 16 looks from the collection were displayed on mannequins. Just a few moments later the show began… I couldn’t film it in its entirety – hence why the video cuts off on the first model – but I’ve included some of my favorite shots of the remaining looks… I loved how with every step the models took the floor creaked, and as they sauntered around, every inch of the garment was reflected onto the walls by the panels of mirrors behind them… It was truly exquisite to say the least!!

Every Spring and Fall Victoria Beckham holds a set of intimate presentations in New York to show off her latest dress collection… In the past, these small showings have been held everywhere from the Waldorf Astoria to a chic art gallery in Tribeca. This season, she took yet another approach by using a magnificently refurbished Upper East Side mansion as the backdrop for her Spring 2011 collection. The true excitement comes not only from the clothing but hearing her explain each garment!! This season, her inspiration came circa the 1960s which was not only exhibited in the dresses, but accessories as well; the sunglass shapes were of the era and this was her first season showing handbags. It was all quite major (as she might say)!…

Last March, a few days after the Lanvin show, I had the pleasure of going out to dinner with Alber Elbaz!… It would have been quite the missed opportunity had I not asked him if I could film some of his words of wisdom during our talk… Sorry you can hear my giggles and probably sense my uncontrollably trembling hands; I was a tad bit nervous… Good thing he could not have been nicer and made me feel right at home!!!

Following the reopening of the Chanel boutique in Soho this past September, Karl and his entourage walked to the after-party… Somehow I found myself to be tagging along with them, but can you blame me??… Who wouldn’t?!?! I love these moments especially because Karl just seems like one of those super-humans who appears places, with no transit necessary… But, nevertheless, he continues to defy the odds! Here is some footage of their short journey… Sorry it’s so shaky… Cobblestones and heals don’t make for the friendliest of pairings!!

… More from inside the party to come!